The effects of smiling

Smiling is scientifically proven not only to make you a happier and less stressed person, but it can increase your life span. Smiling causes hormones in your body such as dopamine to release and make you feel happy. When your happy your obviously not stressed. When you are stressed, your blood pressure and heart rate increase. Don’t worry though, there is a simple solution. Smile more often, you will become a happier and healthier person.


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Have a nice day.



Best Student Blog

Well, after reading a lot of different blogs, and I mean a lot of blogs, I have decided to nominate Mikayla. She has really great post, including the one about the one and only me. Thank you, thank you.


Anyways, back to Mikayla, even though I don’t know her I still feel like I know a part of her such as her passions and interest. I had originally found her blog in the blog flipbook. I have read her blog for a while and I love it. The first post I read was about The Walking Dead. I’m not sure about you, but I have watched every episode of The Walking Dead since it first came out, I guess you could say I have a slight obsession. Some other posts include; her favorite youtubers, a few memories, and The Walking Dead post. In each post you can feel her passion and emotions.


Then I really got into reading her blogs, it’s helpful that she includes relevant links and pictures. Also, when she has people that comment on the posts, she always posts back to you soon. Her blog is UTD (up to date) and it viewed by many different people. There are a few errors in her posts, but then again who doesn’t have them. We perfectly imperfect people, every single one of us.


So there you have it. Congratulations Mikayla, you have earned this. I love everything about your blog, the topics, the background, everything. I look forward to reading more.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

We all know that corny saying “When I grow up I want to be…”. Some younger children imagine themselves as a princess, an astronaut, etc. Well, every since I was about 4 I have had one dream career. Firefighting, America’s bravest. My whole family has either been a volunteer firefighter, EMT, or both. I guess it just runs in the family.


The first time I saw a firefighter in their gear was at a firehouse for a school field trip. Most of the kids there were scared, I was excited and it sparked a little interest in me in becoming a firefighter. Then we were able to climb inside of the trucks and see all the buttons and switches. To be honest I don’t really remember these trips much, but I guess it’s the thought that counts.


Then there was the day that it all happened, the day I knew that I wanted to be a firefighter. My dad and I were eating dinner when he got toned to a structure fire. I was already with him so there was no point in him taking me home to go there, so he brought me with him. It was about 9 pm so it was dark. We were coming down a hill and all you could see was an orange glow, it was the house that was on fire. We parked somewhere where I would be able to see the whole thing. I was mesmerized by the sound and the heat the fire created, the pops and sizzles were riveting. I almost didn’t realize the trucks pulling up, they had their lights and sirens on. When the guys jumped out of the truck they looked like real hero’s, the kind you see on TV. The house was put out 2 hours later, it was a complete loss and nothing was salvageable. The family was devastated with their house and belongings ruined.


Seeing the family crying made me want to do something. From that point on I told myself that when I grow up I am going to get a job that would allow me to help people. When I grow up I want to be a firefighter/ paramedic. I plan on going to college to get a masters degree in these. I want to help people and protect their property. I want to move closer to a city area and become a lieutenant. Being a firefighter would help me learn valuable skills like teamwork, leadership, and communication.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

School for me

With it getting closer and closer to the end of my freshmen year in high school. I have decided to reflect about the good, the bad, and my first day of school. I attend a school that is different. I go to a project based learning school, this is different than most public schools in New York. Project based learning simply means that we do work that is based on real world problems.


On my first day of school I was very nervous and intimidated. I came to school a day after everyone else did. They all kind of knew each other, but I only knew my friend that came with me from my home district. My first day was spent with team bonding exercises. I thought this was a bit weird but I did it anyway. We had to get on this little piece of cloth, about the size of a normal pillowcase, and we had to flip it over without stepping off. After about 20 tries we did it. I had some fun but it was hot out and we were really close together. Then we had to stand foot to foot and walk 10 feet. It was hard because the person next to you couldn’t move unless you were ready, and you couldn’t move unless the other person next to you was ready. We took too long at this so we didn’t get to finish. Then to break the ice, we did a little skit in front of the whole school with about 10 people. It was hard because I get stage fright, but we failed in the middle and we all laughed about it, there were no hard feelings. I also met this really rad girl named Sydney.


Coming from a regular public school to this kind of school was hard for me. I wake up at 5 am and get on my bus at 5:45 am. I then had a 2 hour ride to school. I then arrived home at 4:45 pm. I used to play sports at my home school. Coming to this school mean I had to make sacrifices, I had to drop my soccer and basketball. I was a bit reluctant to, but I thought about my future. My college and future job can benefit from me doing this. I dropped them, my team was sad, but they understood my reasoning.


I like this school, and would most likely not go back to my home school. I miss them a lot, but this school better. The teachers, students, and other staff are easy to get along with and are there to help you throughout your high school years. Making new friends has not been a problem for me. The upperclassmen are helpful and supportive as well. On my first day, a few seniors helped me settle it, it made the transition a lot easier with them to help me.

What do you like most about your school? How was your first day of school?


American Sign Language

I have decided to learn american sign language (ASL) with my friend. I might leave a link to her blog at the bottom. I haven’t really been interested in it, she started first and she taught me what she already knows. We have been doing a few lessons in class, we oked it with the teacher first though.

My favorite signs are name, sit, teacher, and no. I know a few more but these are the ones that I love to do. We are both learning to make sentences with the words we know. I think it’s strange how the sentences aren’t even coherent. For example, if you were to ask someone a question you would say “What is your teachers name?” when you sign it, you literally are saying “Your teacher name huh?”.

Sign language is an amazing thing for the people that can’t hear. I don’t know any deaf people, but I would like to meet someone who is deaf. In elementary school we learned a little bit of sign language like thank you, your welcome, and together. I think we learned more I just don’t remember. I would like to be able to do greetings, letters, and a few need to knows. I am interested in learning sign language now that I have started.


1.) name


2.) sit


3.) no

If you’re interested in learning sign language as well, click on the link!


Do you know any sign language? Have you ever wanted to learn sign language?

Erase memories

We all have those memories that we would just love to forget. However, thats not how life works :). I think it’s the most embarrassing or the strangest memories that I remember best. I probably wouldn’t want to erase any memories because they all have sculpted and influence the person I am today. From the bad to the good memories, I need and like them all.


If I were to erase two memories my first one would have to be the time I was watching fireworks in Lake George. I was about 7 and I was with my mom, dad, and my two sisters. It was the fourth of July and we were going to watch the fireworks at the lake. It was 6 when the show started. I was mesmerised by the colors they made. The show ended 30 minutes later, then it was time for the finale. It was going good until one of the workers knocked the stand over. The fireworks were already lite and could not be stopped. Then they started to shoot out at the crowd. My mom and sisters were laying in the back of the truck when it happened so they were fine. My dad and I were coming back from the concession stand with food when we heard people yelling to duck. I then heard fireworks that were close to me, it terrified me. My father picked me up and we hid under the nearest truck by us. A firework shot under the truck, my dad then swatted it away. It burnt him a little but only a little, not enough to cause pain or damage. Now I am afraid of fireworks, and always will be.


My second memory would have to be the time I let my dog outside and he never came back. I was younger and I thought my dog wanted to go outside cause he was waiting by the door. My mom was in the kitchen at the time so I decided instead of bothering her I was going to let him out. We had adopted Chase from her friend because they didn’t want him. He was a shepherd mix. When I opened the door he ran away. My mom started to call for him 10 minutes later and I told her that I let him out. I didn’t get yelled at but she was heart broken. We haven’t seen him in 6 years.

If you could erase two memories what would they be? Why would you want to get rid of them?

Biggest pet peeves

We all have things that annoy us to the brink of insanity. Some of us are annoyed by pen clicking others by someone saying a word in the wrong tense. Either way, we all have pet peeves. I happen to have a lot of them, they will probably seem weird to you, others might sound like your peeves too. Here are some of my biggest peeves;

  1. When someone’s pockets are untucked I will go insane until they fix it.

  2. Chewing gum loudly, this might be your peeve too.

  3. Clicking pens rapidly. I sometimes do this to keep calm but when someone else does it, that’s when it becomes a problem :).

  4. When someone says a word in the wrong tense or pronounces a word wrong, I will try to help them so they don’t embarrass themselves by correcting them…a lot.

  5. When you know you drop something but someone still feels like it is necessary to let you know right away by saying “You dropped something”.

  6. When someone has an awful voice but still feels the need to sing a song loudly to the point where you no longer like it.

  7. When you ride in a car with someone and they feel like they need to get the attention of the person driving the large truck next to you to make them honk their horn.

  8. When you are out eating somewhere and people don’t correct their kids and allow them to run around the restaurant screaming and playing with hand sanitizer and smearing it on each other (this actually happened to me).

  9. When you try to organize something and people move one thing out of its place to see if you notice and try to catch your reaction.

  10. When you are in gym class (P.E.) and someone on your team makes it obvious they don’t want to be on your team and they throw the game (purposely allow the opposing team to win).

  11. When other students feel the need to emphasize a teachers point by saying it with or after them.

  12. When people shout out the answer a question, but still get it wrong.

  13. When people do raise their hands to speak, and continue to have it raised as they speak.

  14. When out of no where someone starts crying, and you don’t know if they are faking or just want attention.

  15. When people cry in public places, and you are not sure how to comfort them.

  16. When you try to go to the bathroom in school and there are multiple people in there.

  17. When you are in the middle of a sentence and someone keeps interrupting you.

  18. When you drive down the road and the person in front of you is really really slow.

  19. When your parents call for you multiple times and after answering them multiple times you finally go and see what they need, and all they needed was to know where you were.

  20. When you finally fall asleep it is time to wake up.

What are some of your biggest peeves?

Things you might not know

I had read yet another idea for blogging. I will tell you some things about be that most of you don’t already know about me. Some of these might come as a shock to you;

  1. I used to do karate, I was two belts away from a black belt.
  2. I have competed in firefighter competitions with a team of explorers (explorers are 14-16 year old guys and girls that can’t join the fire department yet but are still interested) and we won competitions against senior firefighters.
  3. I am the vice president of my explorer group, I’m am also the only girl, the youngest, and the smallest.
  4. I had broken my right arm 6 times in 2012.
  5. I refuse to drink NOS, monster, amp or any other energy drink (excluding powerade).
  6. I have a strange phobia of birds and clowns.
  7. I have been run over by a four wheeler my sister was riding but didn’t even get a scratch.
  8. I absolutely hate chocolate.
  9. I have severe test anxiety.
  10. When I am put in stressful and uncomfortable situations that I can’t find a solution to, I will most likely leave to a private area and cry.


What are some things people don’t know about you? What are some secrets you are comfortable sharing?


One idea I read about for blogging was “You are locked in a room with your greatest fear, describe what’s in the room”. Well, after deep thought and consideration (30 seconds) I have concluded there would be clowns and birds in my room.


Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns. I have been afraid of clowns my whole life. I was walking in a haunted house when I was younger, someone in a clown mask was following me. At the end of the haunted house, a few kids were complaining about the clown, including me. It turns out there was no clown in the haunted house and no one was caught walking in the haunted house dressed like one…and well, that kind of freaked me out a lot. I don’t like the masks, they creep me out. Not knowing someone’s identity or who they are makes me nervous. I guess this is considered an unnatural fear. However, test show that there are many people in the world that fear clowns.


Ornithophobia is the fear of birds. I have had a very traumatizing experience with birds when I was younger. I was attacked by birds when I was going to the bathroom, it wouldn’t leave. I was 7, I have hated and been afraid of birds ever since. I had a panic attack and hyperventilated. I guess this could be considered an over dramatic reaction, but they terrify me.

If you were locked in a room with your fears, what would they be? How would you react to them?

Insurgent by Veronica Roth book blog

Imagine a world where you were judged on how you would react to your deepest fears or your physical abilities. What would you do? How would you react? Would your fears debilitate you and make you crash and burn, or would you be able to control them and shut them out? What faction would you belong in?


In this book, known as Insurgent by Veronica Roth. Roth was born on August 19, 1988. Roth wrote the book while she was on winter break in college. Insurgent is the second in the series. I have not read the first one yet. The books are “Divergent” and “Insurgent” and finally “Allegiant”.


All three books are young adult and science fiction books. The book takes place in a dystopian Chicago after the apocalypse. In order to maintain order and reduce conflict, the survivors in the city are divided into factions or societal divisions based on an aptitude test. This test will determine if you are Abnegation, for the selfless; Amity, for the peaceful; Candor, for the honest; Dauntless, for the brave; and Erudite, for the Intelligent. When the people turn 16 they will take this test and this will determine your faction. You have a choice whether you will stay with your family or move to the faction that is suited for you from the results.


The main character is Beatrice Prior, she is an Abnegation born. While taking her aptitude test she gets three results. This is rare is almost impossible….almost. She scores Abnegation, Erudite, and Dauntless, this makes her Divergent. Most people fear them as there are rumors that they can control minds and are very powerful and unstoppable.

In order to understand Insurgent I recommend you read Divergent. Insurgent picks right up where Divergent left off. I recommend this book for everyone, it is such a good book. Once I started reading I could not put it down. This book does have some mature language, so this book does not suit a younger audience.